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We are a team of experienced professionals from various fields related to web business. Seo friendlyResponsive Websites, Web Design HTML5/CSS, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP / .Net / JAVA Development,CMS and UI Design are done


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Our ecommerce solutions team at Indilens is highly experienced and capable of designing and developing great e-commerce web sitesUser and Seo friendly, with integrated shopping cart software such clients/customer easily make transaction


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Application development company with a strong team of Team Leads and developers. Social media friendly with a range of applications, right from training modules, to a retail reporting system and monitored by SMO team

Indilens Web Consultancy

We are a team of experienced professionals over a decade’s experience of improving Internet related services and performance: software development, management software creation, reputation management, website optimization (SEO), social & media marketing (SEM) and website management-

Get all the tools you need & more to build an amazing website for free. SEO wizard. 100s of Apps. Advanced image editor. Top industry hosting. Multiple payment methods. Custom domain name. Customizable templates. Social media compatible. 1000s of free images. Easy-to-add blog. 

Find new opportunities on the network Meet the people that help grow your business, and connect, communicate and sell easily and securely across the globe. 

Own the right web address Build your brand and broadcast your stories on Indilens. Create a business page or user profile, and enjoy unlimited free storage, robust data security, mobile-ready design and a QR code that's unique and yours to share across the World Wide Web and beyond. Boost your online visibility Build your online presence on Trepboard, a go-to board for information on businesses, people and products worldwide. Use the board to visually showcase your content on Trepup, and help customers to discover you and your products, with a quick and simple keyword search. Increase the mobility of your content Connect people to your latest news, stories and offers, through a simple camera scan. Put the Quick Response or QR code, linked to your Indilens page, in promotions and ad campaigns, and on websites and blogs, to create instant mobile access to all your content. Sell more with high ratings Get more followers and acquire new customers, with a highly ranked page on Indilens. Convert non-buyers into buyers and increase customer confidence, with 5-star ratings and positive customer reviews to show that others trust you and choose to buy your products and services. Enjoy the power of email marketing Drive brand awareness and increase sales with Trepmail, an easy-to-use four-step email marketing service on Indilens. Set up your newsletter, design it on customizable email templates, sync followers and add contacts to your mailing list, and simply click send. Shop quickly and confidently Make one-click purchases, worry-free, on Indilens. To store and protect your credit and debit card information and to enable you to make secure online payments, we comply with PCI DSS, the data security standards outlined and maintained globally by the payment card industry. 

Connecting businesses to people

Custom Web Design by Indilens Web Consultancy

These 5 seconds are crucial for your website.  A prospective visitor would have answered the following questions within 5 seconds of landing on your website –

• Can I trust this firm?
• Can it add value to my needs? 
• Does it offer credible products or services? 

It takes only 5 seconds for a visitor to answer these questions and decide whether to stay or move on to the next website. No doubt, your website design plays a crucial role to leverage the visitor’s impression about your company.  Trust, credibility, and value are the three magic words that can make or break a business. If any of these three factors are missing, you are not exploring the full potential of your website. Indilens is a firm which was found in 2004 and pioneer web consultancy from North East India(Assam).  Remember that your website is the online brand ambassador for your company!

Why Do I Need A Quality Web Design?

Your website design speaks for your company. It highlights your professionalism, builds credibility, trust, and value for the visitors. Moreover, it adds a sense of comfort for the visitor.  You need a quality web design because • 90% of your prospective customers will visit your website before hearing from you • An elegant web design improves the conversion ratio for your business • Majority of businesses lose their sales due to their inability to create value and trust • Poor web design has been stated as the major reason If you think that your website lacks on these forefronts, you need an expert website designing service that is customized to your needs.

What Makes Indilens Different?

At Indilens, we understand that a great website design is not limited to just a visually appealing website. Your website is a brand ambassador for your company that helps you to generate leads and sales. To help you cope with today’s challenges we help you look towards the bigger picture. Indilens has proven website design methodology can assist you to gain visibility on the web, attract traffic, and convert sales. With a forte’ in website designing, we have a proven record of assisting both companies and users with limited or no design skills to quickly put up a site and showcase their content. We are able to provide excellence in website designing to our clients through a blend of intelligent development, smart design, and a fully customized, WordPress and Drupal CMS. Taking each project as a challenge, our experts ensure that they add life to each website design so that it thrives in today’s competitive market.

What do we offer?

At Indilens, our custom website design offers flexibility in accordance to your needs. Here are some of the many features of what we can offer –  
• W3 compliant design  
• Div based  
• Table Less  
• Minimizes your website loading time  
• CSS designs  
• Multi-browser capability optimization  
• Best in class layout and structuring  
• World-class menu and homepage layout  
• Form Design  
• Flash Design  
• Content Page Design and much more 

Most importantly, we offer the three C’s critical for your business – 

• Cost-effectiveness  
• Competitive edge through impeccable design  
• Custom designs suited to your needs

Success Stories

We strive for customer satisfaction. We have many success stories to tell with our award-winning designs we built for our clients. Perhaps trust, great customer satisfaction, and an ongoing work for our clients is the greatest testament to our success.  With a forte in providing impeccable website designs to our clients, we have served different domains with award-winning designs. 


We have seen website design companies that offer a cheap designing solution. However, there is nothing such as a “Cheap” website design. A website design requires proper planning, research, design, development, etc. It’s similar to buying a car. If you go for a Nissan Versa, it will cost you less; however, this is not the case for Mercedes.  Similarly, website design is never “Cheap” as the price would depend on the “scope” of your requirements. If the resources required will be limited, the price will be less.  Indilens offers flexibility in its website designing packages. According to your requirements, we can offer you a flexible pricing. We have plans that require fewer resources thus will suit your needs if you are low on budget.  We are the largest free template provider on the Internet. These templates can be customized according to your needs at $10 for homepage and $5 for an additional page.

Our Packages

At Indilens, we believe in quality, commitment, and adherence to tight deadlines in a cost-effective way. To support our belief, our packages are tailor-made to suit your needs. We have made a comprehensive package to suit your needs – 

Indilens Basic Indilens Plus Indilens Premium
With the basic package, you can be a proud owner of a website quickly and on a low budget. The Basic plus package is fully loaded with features and preferred by most of our clients. The premium package is the premier choice of our clients. If you want a web 2.0 powerhouse, this is your best choice.
Up to 10 HTML Pages Unique and eye-catching homepage Unique and eye-catching homepage
2 Unique Layout Options – Choose your final design Smart Layout for Content Pages Swap images or unique header images on each page
 1 yr Domain Free Navigation with rollover buttons Drop down menus
 1 Yr hosting Free Up to 10 HTML pages with blogging Menu navigation button rollovers
2 Unique Layout Options – Choose your final design  Up to 15 HTML pages with blogging
2 Unique Layout Options – Choose your final design
Estimated Project Duration – 1-5 days Estimated Project Duration – 7- 10 days Estimated Project Duration – 2-3 weeks
$25 ONLY! (Rs 1200)
$100 ONLY ! (Rs5000)
$250 ONLY! (Rs 10000)

Branding is defined by much more than just your company logo. A company’s brand is its identity – who it is, what it stands for and how this is represented.

Image Credit :  Purbita Ditecha, Branding manager 

It’s important that something so vital is given the right attention so it has just the right personality to reflect your business and keeps working hard for you even when you’re not around. A big part of branding is the visual element – how your brand is viewed by others and how it reflects your company goals and mission.

Brand identity audits

As part of any branding exercise we will always complete a brand identity audit. However, in some cases you may simply require an audit to evaluate your current positioning and clarify that what you have is working as intended without the immediate need for any brand development work.

During a brand audit we assess your brand positioning within your market, how you compare with your competitors, how your brand relates with target demographic and whether your current marketing and advertising media aligns with your brand.

To learn more about our process for developing corporate branding, whether that be a totally new brand or a company re-brand, simply get in touch with us to arrange a meeting to discuss our options.


In many instances, after a brand identity audit it is clear that a brand needs some development to move in the right direction. Indilens has worked with many companies to evolve their brands following a desire to improve and align with ever-growing needs and developments.

Brand development may be as far as overhauling your current branding by looking at a more modern approach and/or change to industry expectations, or as simple as tweaking a company logo.

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products. SMM campaigns usually centre around:

What is social media marketing?
Social media marketing (SMM) refers to techniques that target social networks and applications to spread brand awareness or promote particular products. SMM campaigns usually centre around:

Establishing a social media presence on major platforms
Creating shareable content and advertorials
Cultivating customer feedback

Why market on social media?

Data available through social media can allow you to target your message to very specific audiences, and is therefore very effective in creating brand awareness. As a specific customer base can be targeted, social media presence is a necessity as it gives the impression of a more immediate connection between you and the customer. Campaigns spread through social media can also have more resonance because they are usually discovered through links shared by trusted sources, which will also help with SEO.

How Indilens can help

Being one of the most rapidly changing marketing channels, with new features and updates constantly being released by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., it can be hard to keep up, or even know where to start, with Social Media Marketing. Our social media team have all the technical experience and industry foresight needed to maximise the impact of your campaigns.
Indilens is an experienced, recognised and well-respected digital marketing agency. We provide online marketing services to a wide range of ,USA,UK ,INDIAN businesses.

Free digital marketing audit

Take advantage of a free digital marketing audit to analyse and evaluate your brand’s website, digital strategy and performance. This allows us to get to know you and to identify the areas of your business that you are trying to develop. We will also establish whether there are any funding opportunities or grants available to help finance your project.

We’ll then provide you with a proposal to fix your problem. Alternatively, you can use our full internet marketing consultancy services to provide you with an internet marketing strategy or advertising plan.

Strategy and planning

Having identified the key digital marketing areas that need to be addressed, we can then help you put together an online marketing strategy and tactical implementation plan on how to take your business forward.

We offer a range of bespoke and one-to-one internet marketing consultancy services to help you understand the technology and put together your web development or online marketing strategy in order to take your business forward.

eCommerce development and marketing

We understand that ROI is usually the single most important factor for an ecommerce brand and as such, place a high emphasis on finding the right channel for any given client. Product Feeds, Google Shopping campaigns, Affiliate Marketing programmes and ecommerce SEO are just a few examples of things we’ve helped our clients to configure and manage.

Our bespoke ecommerce solutions provide the tools for online businesses to manage the whole process simply and stress-free. Our ecommerce systems will give you total control over the management of the products on your site, and are also compatible with all the major payment gateways.
We build modern, mobile-responsive websites that deliver a rich, engaging experience throughout.

Websites designed to evolve with you

With years’ experience in designing and developing commercial websites, and especially eCommerce solutions, Indilens is ideally placed to work with you to develop the perfect website for your business.

Responsive design

Our responsive design process starts with usability and ends with a stylish, modern design. Our websites look great on every screen – whether it’s a monitor or smartphone.

Our team of expert designers and front-end developers are specialised in using the latest technology to produce websites that are responsive and user-focused.

Page download speed

Page speed is now more important than ever, from a usability and SEO perspective. Search engine’s use page load speed as a ranking factor because it hugely impacts visitor satisfaction. A slow loading website does not provide a good user experience, and search engines will not rank it highly in search results.

Our web developers use efficient and concise HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery to make sure your website performs at its optimum.

Structured data

We make sure that our websites are fully up-to-date with the requirements of search engines. Structured data mark-up helps search engines understand what content is about, so that they can not only rank it better but also display more information to encourage people to visit.

Social integration

Completely control how your brand is represented across social media, with a website that comes with all the latest Facebook Open Graph tags and Twitter Card integration.

eCommerce websites

We build bespoke eCommerce websites that meet all of your requirements without compromise. Our solutions are built using Microsoft ASP.Net, C#, and MVC, and run from a Microsoft SQL database to ensure high performance delivery.

eCommerce websites

We can integrate your eCommerce website with back-office systems, including accounting packages, Enterprise Resource Planners (ERPs), or stock control systems. Data synchronisation happens behind the scenes which reduces the overhead of website management.
Quality is what you receive through the agency because they have a complete team of experts at your service and a whole lot of experience in pulling out the campaign up to a very good level that will boost your business tremendously. Writers, artist, designers, developers and valuable resources of PRs, all are there to make your ad campaign a success.

Internet Marketing and our non stop services from Assam 

Regardless of the size, majority of businesses nowadays are practicing Internet marketing. That’s because it is the most inexpensive way for them to reach millions of their target market. But what is Internet marketing really?

Defining Internet Marketing

Also called online marketing, it is the process of promoting a brand, products or services over the Internet. Its broad scope includes email marketing, electronic customer relationship management and any promotional activities that are done via wireless media.

It also combines the technical and creative aspects of the World Wide Web such as advertising, designing, development and sales. Moreover, Internet Marketing also deals with creating and placing ads throughout the various stages of customer engagement cycle.

Online marketing is divided into different types:

Affiliate Marketing:

It is a marketing practice wherein a business pays an online retailer, e-commerce site or blog for each visitor or sales that these websites make for their brand.

Display Advertising:

This refers to advertisement banners that are displayed on other websites or blogs to boost traffic for their own content. This, in turn, can increase product awareness.

Email Marketing:

From the name itself, this is a marketing process that involves reaching out to your customers via email.

Inbound Marketing:

This type of Internet marketing involves sharing of free valuable content to your target market to convince them to become your loyal customer. This could be done by setting up a business blog.

Search Engine Marketing:

This is a form of marketing that promotes a business through paid advertisement that appears on search engine result pages. This includes paid placement, contextual advertising, paid inclusion or through search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization:

Contrary to SEM, SEO uses the unpaid and natural process of promoting content on SERPs. This includes keyword research and placement, link building and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing:

Based on its name, social media marketing is the process of promoting a website through various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

Why Internet Marketing is Important?

The Internet has the power to connect millions of people from around the world. Thus, it also has the capabilities to bring your business to millions of your target market worldwide. What makes this process a best inclusion to your promotional effort is the fact that you don’t need to shell out plenty of money.

In addition, the effectiveness of your campaign can be easily measured using web analytics and cost-volume-profit analysis tools. However, it requires you to learn the many facets of Internet marketing so that you’ll know whether your efforts are giving the return on investment that you want for your business.

Brand establishment is achieved within considerable amount of time by the agency because they have experience in putting up many shows earlier. The strategy which an agency can implement at a larger scale cannot be implemented by an individual, since it requires time and efforts of a finely crafted ad campaign. The individual can rather leave the work to an agency and utilize the time and effort in running the business more efficiently. 

Round the clock efforts are put in by the agency until the desired results are not achieved .The agency works with its team day in day out to put the best possible approach in making your business grow through ad campaign. The analysis which happens at the agency covers various things which come to them as part of their experience in handling the campaign at different levels and needs. They have state of the art tools for caring analysis from hundreds of perspectives and get you the best of the best campaign. With our country becoming a super power of young talent, there has been an enormous growth in the number of internet user which one can’t ignore. Internet marketing is linked to that untapped part of marketing arena. From display advertising in the form of web banners to social media marketing & from search engine optimization to email marketing, internet marketing has shown its huge potential. We at TnTP ads help the brand to tap that section of the marketing arena while using internet marketing in conjunction with traditional types of advertising like television and radio.
Need to reach a local audience? Local search engine optimization offers you the opportunity to optimize your website directly for the regions where you’re located. Whether it is a small shop on the corner of a street or a chain of buildings in different locations, help your customers find you. Have our local SEO experts create a strategy for your local search optimization.

Local SEO Service for Small and Medium Business Owners

What is Local SEO?

We provide local search engine optimization (local SEO) services that focus on optimizing a website for a specific city, region, or for the locations of physical stores and shops. Like SEO, Local SEO operates with the goal to increase the search engine rankings for specific searches that are relevant to your company's products and/or services.

The difference in local SEO is in the results. Customers looking for services in their area are more likely to do a search with a city name attached to it. Many search engines are starting to include local search results or map displays with locations that display by relevance to the search. This brings the perfect opportunity for your company to display in the results.

Why not use organic SEO?

The greatest difference in SEO and Local SEO lies in the end result. Search engine optimization attempts to build up links and content that generate relevance in the search engines for keywords that can become very general or specific to a product or service. However, Local SEO focuses on keywords that are regionally specific and are capable of receiving hits from individuals around a specific area, thus increasing the possibility of customers stopping by the store or location. This means Local SEO is geared towards companies who have a physical location as opposed to online services that have a virtual location or storefront.

How can Local SEO help my company?

If your company provides to a local audience with a location or locations, local SEO can become extremely relevant to what you do. By optimizing your website to specific regions, potential customers looking for your products and/or services will be more likely to find your website or your address when doing a search in major search engines.

By focusing specifically on areas or regions that your company services, it is possible to improve interest in your products and services.

What can you do for me?

Our goal is to help your company grow by driving more relevant traffic to your Online presence and more customers to your door. SEO India believes that Local SEO services can create a significant difference in the success of businesses with local presence in different areas and regions. Each location is different and every region has its own marketing requirements in order to get customers to the location.

Interested in starting a local SEO campaign? Contact us for a free consultation.
You'll be hard-pressed to find a successful nonprofit organization (NGO) that doesn't have a fantastic website. NGO's that want to make a professional impression and raise money need a site that will inspire confidence and create interest. Like any great website, a nonprofit version should be easy to navigate, user-friendly, and as visually appealing as possible.

Non profit organisations are some of the most innovative in their use of websites to engage and communicate using the latest Web 2.0 technologies and social media channels to get their message out to their members, stakeholders and potential members. NGO's and charities have some of the most passionate members and donors that allow the website to be a homebase for the enabling of their support and focus and Social Media is providing a means and platform for them to express that in a variety of ways. So what are some of the essential elements that a "best of breed" NGO website should contain. This list is not in any order of priority but is an overview and guide to some of the best practices implemented by the top NGO websites.

The main reason that it is important for businesses to have a website is how people are likely to find you. A website will not only give you credibility but it will also help to give the impression that your company is bigger and more successful than it may actually be. NGOs can communicate more effectively with their audiences by their website. Your Website Provides an International Presence to You and Your Profession . Dogma soft limited is the big name in the NGO website designing in kalgachia barpeta . Focusa2z provides the best NGO website designing in all Assam as well as whole India but specialist for North East India.

NGO website designing in North East India

We Provide in NGO website

Focusa2z will provide competitive prices and rates for business web site design, development, hosting and maintenance.
• One Window for Solution of all Your Requirements.
• Own Domain Name: It will be your website Name (eg. wwww.dogmaindia.com).
• Own Web Hosting.
• Own Self Updating Administrative Panel.
• Own Email Id's.
• No Page Limit(Condition Apply).
• Fully Dynamic Website.
• Header, Footer, Global Navigations Links,Footer Navigation,Left Panel,Right Panel, Center etc.....All Changes Are According to Yourself.
• You can Upgrade Your Package to Promotional Package(SEO) to Promote Your Business of World Level with Minor Charges.
• You can Re-Design Your Website

Benefits of ngo website designing

• Your Website Provides an International Presence to You and Your Profession.
• Your Website is always available for Everyone and Everywhere.
• Your Website saves calling, printing, mailing and advertisement coast.
• Your Website improves Your Global Relations.
• Your Website is helpful for improving Your Business.
• Your Website is helpful for coast cutting of advertisements.
• Your Website provides an instant visual presentation of you and your profession.

What services will your site need to provide? (Check all that apply)

• NGO profile
• Contact / Info request or Feedback form
• Logo, Banner or other graphic design
• News / Announcements
• Flash intro or other animation
• Bulletin News / Forum
• Event calendar
• Prospectus
• Map and driving directions
• Photo Gallery
• Downloadable / Printable documents
• Password protected Admin Panel

Website Objectives:

Department of development is working towards the design, development and maintenance of websites. The objectives of the websites are:

• To register a domain for each NGO.
• To provide a fix content management system for each NGO
• To display information about NGO as per guidelines
• To present an appealing and optimized website
• To publish articles, events and news and any other information related to NGO
• Easy to navigate, Picture gallery should be there on website.
• Link to the department website www.dogmaindia.com
• Link for email

Professional Design:

Overall design should optimize the identity, accessibility, usability and distribution of content. Thus, the following will be taken into consideration when designing and developing the websites.

• Successful Dogma will submit the fixed design and will respond to Client feedback and refine the design
• Websites should be fully compatible to 1024x 768 screen resolutions
• Colors and images will be chosen according to fix selected design by Clients.
• The logo of NGO will be present on the homepage be and visible at all times during a use of website.

Update and maintenance of website:

Successful Dogma will allow rights to update the website by NGO and will update and maintain as and when asked by the Client. Focusa2z will maintain the site on contract basis for one year.
The Deep Web and dark web (or Invisible web) is the set of information resources on the World Wide Web not reported by normal search engines, according to a raw estimation by THE DARK WEB LINKS says, which clear web represents only a small portion of the overall web content, the remaining part is unknown to the majority of web users.

Ordinary web users are literally shocked when understanding the existence of the Deep Web, a network of interconnected systems, not indexed, having a size hundreds of times higher than the current web, around 500 times.To explain the Deep Web I use to cite the definition provided by the founder of BrightPlanet, Mike Bergman, that compared searching on the Internet today to dragging a net across the surface of the ocean: a great deal may be caught in the net, but there is a wealth of information that is deep and therefore missed.
The term Deep Web refers to the portions of the Internet not accessible via standard Web searches, which only scan indexed pages linked to domain homepages. The Deep Web contains material such as unlinked content, limited access content, private content and information archived in searchable databases. Utilizing a Deep Web search engine provides access to this otherwise hidden content, but it also involves entering an unregulated realm where users partake in questionable behavior. Knowing the potential advantages, disadvantages and risks inherent to Deep Web searches may help you navigate potential problems.

A Deep Web search engine's chief advantage is the depth and thoroughness of its results. Standard Internet searches through sites like Bing, Google and Yahoo barely scrape the surface of the Web. Deep Web search engines such as Infomine, TechXtra and Yippy issue direct queries to access otherwise hidden content, covering far more ground and retrieving results from a much wider data pool. The more content searched, the more likely you are to find what you need.

Aside from their greater scope, Deep Web search engines also prove more efficient, retrieving higher quality, more relevant content. A standard Web search only considers the site's introduction and supplied keywords, resulting in many of the returned links being commercial sites or repetitive material. Deep Web searches analyze each page's entire content, ensuring returned results have a higher relevance to the desired search string.

Since there's more content to analyze, Deep Web search engines tend to be slower than standard search engines. Searching the Deep Web also requires a more precise search string. Deep Web searches should be reserved for serious, painstaking research, not for simple questions and basic Web surfing. Deep Web searches may also return sensitive personal information from normally restricted databases, creating ethical dilemmas and leaving individuals susceptible to fraud and identity theft.

Exploring the Deep Web can be dangerous. Always think twice before clicking any returned search links. Because no ruling authority regulates the Deep Web, users enjoy complete anonymity and may partake in illegal activities such as trading copyrighted materials, selling narcotics, circulating child pornography and negotiating for other criminal acts. Exploring a search engine's results may lead you into the Internet's darkest corners, leaving you vulnerable to nefarious characters and sites designed to spread malware or hack your computer.